Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Been awhile again

Hey all. I know its been a long ass time since I posted here, but really, life does really get in the way of doing much when you're busy. But will try to get back into it. I promise to promise to try :P

So whats goin on you ask? I know you are. Dont deny it.

Right now, I am sitting at work hoping the end of the day gets here faster then it is now. Im tired. I have been all day. Im currently on full time 00:00 - 08:00 hrs during the week. Now here is my issue. I JUST got put on this position of full time.. like 2 weeks ago... and I was happy as hell. It would be finally my first EVER full time position. It was gonna help us out in the long run with the wife workin full time herself. Things were finally gonna be goin right for us.

BANG! I get kicked in the nuts by work. The site that I'm working at decided to cut the weekend shift by 48 hours (1 guard at a time instead of 2). Usually this wouldn't affect me at all...BUT.... I have no seniority over really anyone here. Because those hours were taken away from some, they can and HAVE taken some of my hours.  Now Im sitting with 24 - MAYBE 32 hrs a week. I know its still better then the 16hrs I was gettin before, but its still not enough to live up to my end of moving out on our own (will get to this in a few). Looks like once I start to win, life tasers me in the ass and says Uh Uh UH!  Nice try but no luck.

So needless to say, Im a lil pissed and dont know what to do. Should I stick with it and suck up the fact that my hours are cut in almost half so I dont lose my benefits... or do I look for something else and say goodbye to doin security again... OR, do I find something on the side, like another job and do both of them to make up for what Im now missing. God I hate making decisions. I swear I got married so someone else would make my decisions for me.. and its not being fulfilled :P


Dah well. Anyways, we have finally been able to get our own place here in Cambridge. No more living with the in laws. Dont get me wrong, I am completely grateful for what they have done in the way of letting us stay there, and for such a long time.. but we NEED to move. I miss having privacy. I miss knowing that any mess that happens is because one of us made it, not someone else.. and I really miss having a clean space to live in.

So we move in October 1st. Its such a relief, but at the same time, its stressful. As I said, my hours have been cut, which means the money will be less then we were expecting. Gotta figure out groceries, a truck to move with, extra money for people who are helping us (for like pizza....and beer if they want). Also gotta make sure we have all the necessities already set up... which includes everything from Cable and Net and such, to having all the needs for the wife's new dog (again, speak about that in a moment). I know Ill be MUCH better once we are in and finally settled, but gettin to that point is gonna be the rough part of it all.

I know it sounds like Im whinning, and/or bitching, but this is my blog. Deal with it :D

So, as I mentioned, the loving wife has set her sights on a dog. Not just any dog.. .a pure bred english bulldog. Yea I know. Me and animals usually dont mix. And really, this will probably be no different. I told her long ago that I didnt wanna own a dog. Soooooooo apparently we own a dog now. Funny how that works.

Her name is Leudie... which stands for Little Expensive Ugly Doggie. Works well I think. We dont get her til I think Sept. 15th at the latest, but the deposit has already been given, so she will be ours. Oh yes, she will be ours.....

Sorry, Waynes World flashback!

Im back. But, yea, on top of the moving and work stress, here comes this $*insert outrageous amount here* dog. You heard me. The thing is, as much as I argue about having this thing, I'm sure its sweet and I know it'll make everyday for the wife that much brighter with Leudie around. I'm just personally not a dog person.  People will surely see me cuddled up with a dog now and then, but it doesnt happen often. I dunno. Gonna be interesting to say the least.

Everything else seems to be okay I guess. Had a scare with the wife recently, but shes doing okay now. Had to have emergency surgery to fix something. Not gonna go into details because its not my place to say anything... but she had me worried. Dr told us that if we hadnt of caught it, she could have died. That doesnt sit too well, for either of us. But, as I said, shes doing good now, thank the gods :)

Anyways, I guess that's about it for now. Hoping to keep up with this more, but we will see.

I will leave you with a new Top 10 List to ponder over. This time, its my Top 10 Favorite Country Songs. You can love them or hate them. You may not consider a couple of these even as country, but screw you. Its my list bitches! Hehehehe.

10) Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
09) Willie Nelson - Pretty Paper
08) Johnny Cash - Boy Named Sue
07) Reba McEntire - She Thinks His Name Was John
06) Blake Shelton - Austin
05) Garth Brooks - The Dance
04) Tanya Tucker - Two Sparrows In A Hurricane
03) Diamond Rio - Stuff
02) Farmers Daughter - Borderline Angel
01) John Berry - Your Love Amazes Me

I change it up here and there, but those are my personal favorites. Im sure there are MANY honorable mentions that need to be listed, but Im not THAT bored :P

Next time, I very well may do my personal favorite Top 10 Canadian Artists, just to see the reaction I get.

Anyways, I will leave it at that for now. If you want, comment all you want. I can be a comment whore at times. But hey, Im not one to pressure ya... *cough*DO IT*cough*

Until next time, Fuck you Red Green, Ill keep my stick in the air and wave it like I just dont care. SUCK THAT!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gah! Random update.

Yea yea, I know. Its been awhile since Ive written something here, but seriously, I think Im allowed to blog when I feel it time :D

Well, right now Im sitting in a very uncomfortable chair blogging from work. Im on a 12hr midnight to noon shift. How in the hell did I end up pulling something like this off? Yea I dunno either. After working at NCR in Waterloo for a few months on weekends, I was suppose to have weekends off once I left there. Well low and behold as soon as I switch to this place (sorry I cant reveal where I am working right now, incase the powers that be are watching), I get stuck on a couple weekend shifts as well as my couple days during the week. Yaay for money, but booooo for lack of sleep and a social life. I know Im not on these shifts much, but when I am, bloody hell is it ever boring. As it is, Im using the work computer to write this. Shhhhh :P

Oh, Ive also recently got the 2nd part of my carpal tunnel surgery done. My left hand is now all bandaged up and hurting like a bitch. Even the perks Ive been taking for the pain hasnt been helping lately. Luckily the bandage should come off this coming Monday (it being Saturday at 02:35). I just want the use of both my hands again. The right hand is still a little sensitive to weight from the last surgery, but Ive basically lost all the numbness I had prior to the surgery.  Thats always a bonus. Means I should be able to get sleep more now. Thats a happy ME! *dances randomly*.

Just to give you a brief weather update for Kitchener.............HOLY CHRIST ITS WINDY! *ducks flying trashcan*.

OK back.  Not a whole lot has been happening lately other then that. The wife and I have been tryin to catch up on debts and such now that Im workin more often then like once a week with MUCHmusic. Its almost like I have a steady paycheque coming in now. None of this, if I get a dance, I may have enough money to get a couple groceries or something. Now dont get me wrong. I still dont get huse amounts of money for what Im doing, but its better then what I was making before. And hey, who knows, if I actually get my weekends back, I may be able to add a couple of dances to my work list here and there when I want some extra money.  I wouldnt mind being able to work 40hrs a week with this security company, but right now I have no seniority over ANYONE in the company. Apparently Im the newbie.  If I stick with this long enough I know Ill get more work. They have got me trained to the tits right now. After the 11th of March, Ill have almost every first aid certification available... as well, I now have my CGSB (gov't training) training done so Ill be able to work in most gov't facilities if need be. (gov't usually equals more pay :D). Dah well. I guess I just need to keep truckin along.

OOOOHHHH! My loving wife got us tickets to go see John Pinette do his standup in April. This is gonna be a blast.  That man is one funny fat guy  :).  Ive grown up watching him over the years on stuff like Comedy Central and Just For Laughs and such.  I know there is a good chance Im going to piss myself laughing.  So will Jenn LoL. I hope Im able to get an autograph and/or a picture done with him. If I do, it will so be placed on Facebook, Twitter and possibly here for you all to envy me for :D heheheh.

Yaaay, 3 hours of this shift done. Only 9 more to go. *headdesk*

Im gonna be starting my writing up again shortly. I kinda have like 4 stories on the go that Id like to actually finish. Im tempted to post them here on my blog once I get them done, but not sure yet. They may not be something people wanna read. Who knows, only time will tell. I miss writing a lot. I use to do it all the time when it came to my online wrestling e-fed I was in.  Unfortunately I lost interest and willpower to keep writing when it was open. Now its closed its doors and my creative juices are starting to flow again. Unfortunately now a little too much. I cant seem to get one finished before another pops into my head. Im sure Ill figure something out and finally get them finished some day. Just probably not anytime soon.  Ill try to keep you all posted on how they are coming along.

On the health front, other than being quite sick off and on recently, I am now a part of the World Gym family. Jenn and I got me signed up not that long ago. Unfortunately do to the recent surgery, I havent been able to get in and do anything yet. Im hoping once the hand heals some, Ill be able to get in there and start doing some actual working out. Ive been losing weight a little here and a little there. I stopped drinking pop all together. Right now its either only water, or a bit of ice tea here and there. And I try to have at least one glass of milk a day.  Im also TRYING to eat healthier but I still have problems with it. I can honestly say, I like food too much, and Im pretty set in my ways when it comes to what I eat, but I AM trying.  Im hoping the gym membership will help with this weight issue.

Anyways, Ive probably rambled on incessantly for too long now. I will update again when Im able. Cheers.

Friday, January 6, 2012

All's well... kinda

Things have seemed ok here lately. Jenn is about to start her 4th and final semester at school. Here's to hoping she keeps up the good work shes been doing all along. I know has been taking its toll on her since she started, and with the surgery JUST happening not long ago, its gonna be rough on her.. but all in all, Im sure she will do good. Hopefully she knows that if she needs me to help with like, anything, Ill be there to help if I can.

Ive started working for security again. Drives me absolutely insane, but Im doing it so we can hopefully start saving money.  The only problem is, ok I have a perm site right now on the weekends, which is all fine and dandy, but they keep calling me really late at night when Im sleeping (like 4:30am this morning) to take random shifts. Im all for taking extra shifts for them, hell I need the money.. but FUCK, stop callin me so damn late. I never hear the phone that late because my ringer is off so other ppl can sleep.  If you want me for a fucking shift, call me earlier when Im awake. Ill gladly take the shift.

But at this site Im at on the weekends, its ok I guess. I dont really have to do much but sit and watch the employee doors currently. Im suppose to walk around at least once a day to check doors and such.  I think from now on, Im gonna walk around atleast once every 2 hrs or so, just to get some exercise during the day. This way, its about a half an hr to tour the entire building, maybe more if I look everywhere. Hopefully that will help with my weight issue. Im TRYING to eat better. (as I write this, Im sitting here eating a bowl of spaghetti, but with whole wheat noodles and extra lean ground turkey). 

Speaking of my weight, its a whopping 392lbs as of yesterday afternoon. Im gonna try my damndest again to get that down. I need to for my health, and my future.  Being this big will have more consequences come with it soon Im sure. I dont wanna see what the next health issue will bring. *shudders*

Ooo.. Ooooo... OOoooo... I got a Skinny Pig. A hairless guinea pig for xmas from Jenn. (she loves me). Her name is Diva. Why you ask?  Well if you ever get the chance to meet her in person, you will know exactly why shes Diva.  She's a lil shit disturber, but shes so ugly shes cute. I know, weird of me talkin like this about an animal.. but she is. :P

On the bad side of news, my mom is looking for a job now because her doctor is a FUCKING DOUCHEBAG. FUCK YOU RAGAZ!  Shes been out for quite some time dealing with Fibromyalgia and arthritis.  The insurance company that she has been dealing with has already fucked her as it is, and now the doctor is basically fucking her up the ass with a cactus, making her try to work. She owns a house you asshole. She cant pay for it and everything else being a fucking WalMart greeter. Prick! Gah I hate inept people. Especially doctors. The same assholes that make tons of money to sit on their asses and do dickfuck all!  Can you tell Im a little annoyed?

So hopefully she will be able to find something that wont hurt her as much as working at the airport did to her. Hell, something from home online would be stellar so she could work at her own pace and still be able to get money for the house. Here's to hoping something comes up.

Other bad news, the wife's grandmother found out today that she has breast cancer. No doubt she and the rest of her family are worried about her, but she goes in at the start of Feb to get the lump itself removed. Hopefully it hasnt spread. We are all hoping that they caught it in time to get it all. She is an older woman, and basically blind now, so its not like she hasnt got to live a long life, but still. No one wants to see her go anytime soon. We all know, if she goes, her husband wont be too far behind. He's too dependent on her. Hopefully things work out for the best.

Anyways, Im sure I will have something to bitch about again soon. Only reason Im cutting this short is my ass hurts from sitting at the table on these damn hard chairs. GAH!.  Blog again soon. Cheers.