Friday, January 6, 2012

All's well... kinda

Things have seemed ok here lately. Jenn is about to start her 4th and final semester at school. Here's to hoping she keeps up the good work shes been doing all along. I know has been taking its toll on her since she started, and with the surgery JUST happening not long ago, its gonna be rough on her.. but all in all, Im sure she will do good. Hopefully she knows that if she needs me to help with like, anything, Ill be there to help if I can.

Ive started working for security again. Drives me absolutely insane, but Im doing it so we can hopefully start saving money.  The only problem is, ok I have a perm site right now on the weekends, which is all fine and dandy, but they keep calling me really late at night when Im sleeping (like 4:30am this morning) to take random shifts. Im all for taking extra shifts for them, hell I need the money.. but FUCK, stop callin me so damn late. I never hear the phone that late because my ringer is off so other ppl can sleep.  If you want me for a fucking shift, call me earlier when Im awake. Ill gladly take the shift.

But at this site Im at on the weekends, its ok I guess. I dont really have to do much but sit and watch the employee doors currently. Im suppose to walk around at least once a day to check doors and such.  I think from now on, Im gonna walk around atleast once every 2 hrs or so, just to get some exercise during the day. This way, its about a half an hr to tour the entire building, maybe more if I look everywhere. Hopefully that will help with my weight issue. Im TRYING to eat better. (as I write this, Im sitting here eating a bowl of spaghetti, but with whole wheat noodles and extra lean ground turkey). 

Speaking of my weight, its a whopping 392lbs as of yesterday afternoon. Im gonna try my damndest again to get that down. I need to for my health, and my future.  Being this big will have more consequences come with it soon Im sure. I dont wanna see what the next health issue will bring. *shudders*

Ooo.. Ooooo... OOoooo... I got a Skinny Pig. A hairless guinea pig for xmas from Jenn. (she loves me). Her name is Diva. Why you ask?  Well if you ever get the chance to meet her in person, you will know exactly why shes Diva.  She's a lil shit disturber, but shes so ugly shes cute. I know, weird of me talkin like this about an animal.. but she is. :P

On the bad side of news, my mom is looking for a job now because her doctor is a FUCKING DOUCHEBAG. FUCK YOU RAGAZ!  Shes been out for quite some time dealing with Fibromyalgia and arthritis.  The insurance company that she has been dealing with has already fucked her as it is, and now the doctor is basically fucking her up the ass with a cactus, making her try to work. She owns a house you asshole. She cant pay for it and everything else being a fucking WalMart greeter. Prick! Gah I hate inept people. Especially doctors. The same assholes that make tons of money to sit on their asses and do dickfuck all!  Can you tell Im a little annoyed?

So hopefully she will be able to find something that wont hurt her as much as working at the airport did to her. Hell, something from home online would be stellar so she could work at her own pace and still be able to get money for the house. Here's to hoping something comes up.

Other bad news, the wife's grandmother found out today that she has breast cancer. No doubt she and the rest of her family are worried about her, but she goes in at the start of Feb to get the lump itself removed. Hopefully it hasnt spread. We are all hoping that they caught it in time to get it all. She is an older woman, and basically blind now, so its not like she hasnt got to live a long life, but still. No one wants to see her go anytime soon. We all know, if she goes, her husband wont be too far behind. He's too dependent on her. Hopefully things work out for the best.

Anyways, Im sure I will have something to bitch about again soon. Only reason Im cutting this short is my ass hurts from sitting at the table on these damn hard chairs. GAH!.  Blog again soon. Cheers.