Friday, October 21, 2011


So I sit here today, in the cafeteria at Mohawk College in Hamilton. Im waiting for the wife to do her last midterm for the week.  Well its lunchtime and the place is kinda crowded with inspiring artists, future politicians, computer techs and lawyers, and Ive come to realize one thing... I REALLY HATE MOST PEOPLE!

What can I say. I wouldnt think twice about picking up the white plastic chair that my feet are resting on and beating the living hell out of some of these people. There are a few reasons I havent:

1) Im sure jail wouldnt be pretty for me.
2) Too many witnesses
3) Bad joojoo is bad joojoo
4) Apparently society frowns on random acts of violence but worships MMA and UFC
5) Would put a damper on my upcoming weekend.

Im sure there are other reason, like possible morals or something about respect, but those are the Top 5 on my list. Man these people havent changed since I was in high school, and Im at the fucking college. They have their cliques written right from a teenie bopper novel. You have the jock style guys sittin beside me talkin about the party they plan on attending after school and drinking litres and litres of water.  Across the way from me, you have the asians.  These are the ones face first in books and laptops studying anything and everything.  At the other side of the room you have the group of young black kids chattin it up. They are too far away to hear what they are saying, but since Im great at stereotyping, one could only assume they are chattin about basketball, hoes & bitches, sticky icky and dope rides :P. Yep I know, Im a prick. Deal with it :D

Then I see a table of white girls, no doubt popular in their cliques, but secretly hate each others guts.  Ofcourse there is the quid essential larger girl in the group, just to make them feel better about themselves. Man does that ever take me back. Guess who the big kid was in the group most of his life.  Yup!

A couple extra loaners scattered around, eating by themselves trying not to be noticed for wearing the only thing that they had clean cuz they were up all night for the past few weeks studying there asses off, or because they had to live with their parents while in school because the college is just down the road and didnt wanna splurge on their freedom.

To round it all out, you have the freaks, the geeks, sheiks. Im sure the rest fit into one of those final catagories somehow.

I know. I sound like Im full of hatred and angst... but nope. This is what happens when boredom hits me, I have an outlet to vent and I dont have a package of yummy poptarts to keep me busy.  That and I cant download any music or anything cuz Im using the wife's school account to use the net.

And the clothes some of these people wear.. holy hell. Black people with bright pink shirts on, Arabs wearing toques and girls wearing clothes so tight, I cant tell were their clothes end and their skin begins. I swear, some of these girls want to be molested and gawked at, just because of some of their fashion choices. Im sorry but if you dont want a guy (or girl) staring at your tits, dont wear shirts that are made of white mesh with a tight tiny black bra under it, barely containing the girls. We men are feeble creatures. Remember, Ug Ug Fire.....we haven't evolved all that much. Trust me.

GAH! Anyways enough of that. Need to focus on something else before I facepalm myself and grab the closest student and scalp them.

So today is the day that the wife and I leave for our weekend anniversary get away. I think we chose well for this trip.  Its not secluded which we both would have liked but with restricted funds, ya gotta kinda go with what you can afford. Apparently this place as a fireplace in the room, and a jacuzzi seperate from the bathroom.  Who's got 2 thumbs and will be relaxing the next couple of days??? DIS GUY! (dont ask)

We only  have it booked for one night, but if our funds allow, we may see if we can find another room for another night since the one we have was already booked for Sat night. All we can do is hope.

But since we will be away enjoying as much relaxation as we can, both of our cell phones will be off. Only call or text if it is an emergency. We will check our phones periodically to make sure we didnt get any emergency calls.

Quick side note: Caf is finally some. Less annoyance but still more people in here for my own liking.

Well, Im kinda thirsty and I should run and grab something to drink. Subway is looking like the winner right now, since I dont wanna take my laptop with me and Subway is the only place I can see the laptop when Im at the counter.

Stay golden.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One of those days.

So today (well Wednesday) was one of those down days for me. I woke up feeling the urge to burst out into random tears. The worst part about it, I have no idea why.  I use to get this way all the time, but since I was put on some meds, they have been much further between. Went from like once or twice a week to about once or twice a month. I guess the meds are working a bit. I just hate when I am like this. Its not fair to Jenn. She has to put up with me this way. Hell, no one deserves that, especially her.  I hope I can get a handle on this mess before it makes it worse. Hoping to feel much better when I wake up.

On a better note, Jenn and I are going away for our 1 year anniversary. Scary eh? We made it to one :D. So come Friday after Jenn is done school, we are venturing off to our secret hideaway for a couple nights of rest and relaxation. We both need the time away from stress of money and exams and surgery's and blah, blah, blah.  I cant wait for this weekend. Should be a blast.

Another step has been taken to get my guard license. I now just need to fill out the application, get a guarantor to sign it and send it off. Yippie *rolls eyes*

Well, I was thinkin today about my top female celebrity crushes.  Here they are in order.

1) Christina Ricci (was there any doubt for those who know me)
2) Heather Morris (she is one reason Im a GleeK.)
3) Kat Denning (Ive liked her in a few of the movies Ive seen with her in it, but 2 Broke Girls has sealed the deal for me.)
4) Kari Byron (How cant you love this fiery redhead... and Im not talkin about Jamie Hyneman.)
5) Katy Perry (I know, this shouldnt be, but my god does she ever have bedroom eyes with that "Come Hither" look.

Im sure there are more, but there are the Top 5 of Nomtastic Women :)

Anyways, its 2:30am and Im still wide awake, but should attempt to sleep soon. Cheers.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Insomnia Sucks Ass.

Well here it is, 1 in the morning once again, and Im wide awake. This shit has got to stop I tell ya. Its not like I didnt try to sleep. I had the tv off, the computer off, and my braces on. I laid there for over an hr and a half with no damn luck. What's even worse is the fact that I have to be up in like 3 hours to start getting ready for work.  Looks like this is gonna be one hell of a long day. FML.

Sooooo time for me to rant.... ok rant some more I guess.

So tonight Jenn and I went to Angels Restaurant here in Cambridge for a nice meal. We both had chicken so it was healthier then what we could have eaten.  Anyways,  She got I think a side of sauteed mushrooms for herself, and since I hadnt had them in awhile, I decided to have a side of dill pickles. Dont ask!  Now, when you see the price sitting at $2.29, you expect ok maybe 3 pickles maybe. NO!. I got ONE FUCKING PICKLE cut into 4 slices. I was dumbfounded. That was ridiculous. So of course, Jenn did the one thing that made things better. She laughed at me. Yep. I tell ya. I love that girl, even when she kicks me when Im down :P

So after the laughing commenced (and I hope while you are reading this, you have finally stopped laughing as well), I had to use the little mens room.  I know Im not talkin about me here. There is nothing little about me.. even my ego is bigger than yours. :P  Well I get in there and sit down and such. Now this is a decent sized stall.  There is lots of room in it. You could easily reach the other wall beside you though. So guess where the toilet paper roll thing is?  RIGHT BESIDE THE TOILET. I dont mean close to it. I mean right beside it. If a thin person needed to use the toilet, it would be there leaning post.. So guess what it did for someone of my girth?  Lets just say its never comfortable sitting sideways on the can while a toilet paper thing presses into your spine. This is definitely FAIL #2 Angels. Holy Ballz. 

I get back and we finally begin to eat our dinner. I cant complain about the food itself. The italian chicken I ordered was nice and tender, and the gravy on my mashed potatoes was quite nomtastic. At least you got something right Angels. And all this for only $50.00.


1) Now I have back pain from said toilet incident.
2) Im craving more pickles that I dont have to pay almost $2.50 a piece for.
3) Ate great but charged more then I wanted to pay.

Im seriously thinking the next time we go out, Im finding a burnt down chinese food restaurant. At least I know the service and facilities there will be better then what Angels had. GAH!

So, on the good side, Jenn finally got the call shes been waiting for. Its only a matter of a like 6 weeks for her until she becomes my Amazing Shrinking Wife.  Im happy for her. Shes been waiting a long ass time for things to finally get moving. Almost 2 years now. Thats too long for her to have to wait.  It worries me though. The only reason Im going along with this is because shes doing it for her health. If it was for any other reason, Id have too much to say about it. I just worry for her. I hope everything ends up just fine like everyone has told me it will. I just have that deep down blabbing voice scratching and prodding at my brain telling me things wont go as planned and something will happen to her. Freaks me out just thinkin about it. The day of, Im gonna be a bloody basket case. I guess all I can do is wait and hope.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ah crap.

Well, as some of you may know, I have been lacking in the job department as of late. Sure Ive been working with MUCHmusic, but Im not making enough to survive, let alone pay for much in the way of bills. I needed something a lil more stable; a lil more worth the money for the amount of work being done.

Well, today (well I guess yesterday now) I passed my security exam with an 84%. Passing was 62%. So, well, I guess I did what I needed to. Better then gettin by by the skin of my teeth. So all I gotta do now is get the license form filled out, paid for and sent away, and in about 3 weeks or so Ill once again be a licensed guard.

As much as I am lookin forward to workin a lil more steadily, Im not lookin forward to it just as much. Ive done security work a few times before, with at least 2 other companies in the past.  I wont lie, some of the time, it was fun, and well worth the time.. but other times, I probably could have scraped my eyeballs out with my name tag or something.

Im sure everything will work out in the end, but the boredom and constant patrols did a number on my feet and my psyche. If I had of worked there much longer, Im sure I woulda lost my mind... YES MORESO THEN NOW... SHUT UP YOU! lol

I wish I could find something in the music field that Id like and that would pay decently.. but seriously, how many people like their jobs? If you said yes, you are either in denial or lying through your teeth, or for those friends farther south of the canadian border, through your tooth.(ducks flying beer cans)

Until then, Ill sit back, do my job as best as I can, and randomly stab myself in the forehead with a frozen mackerel to ease the insanity of silence.

I really wish I had cookies right now. Shut up! Im craving sugar and yummy yummy goodness... which hopefully isnt full of metal.. boourns lol.

Dah well. Bed time.. maybe breakfast in the morning? Morning? ya right :D

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Because I Said So.... Pt. 1

Well here I am once again writing in my blog. Not sitting in the school right now.. oh no!.. not me. Im awake at like 4am because my insomnia has kicked in once again, as well as muscle spasms kickin me pretty damn well all night. After about an hour of TRYING to sleep, I realized how much of a feeble attempt it was... so hear I am.

What comes to my mind at this time of morning you ask. Way too much if you ask me.  If you dare read on, you will be enlightened with only a few such things... as well, I may add another humorous story. Never know.

Anyways, first things first. The insomnia is obviously on my mind. Why the hell do I keep getting this? Is it because of all those years working for MUCHmusic and being on the road til all hours of the night, only to be awake early the next morning for possibly more work? Not sure. Is it because random shit jumps into my head at obviously the most inopportune time? Could be. What ever the reason, here I sit while the wife lay behind me on the bed, out cold, probably dreaming of fluffy bulldog puppies or wild outrageous sex. Either way, hopefully shes enjoying it :P

Next on the brain agenda... WHY THE OWWIE?!  Unfortunately I know all about the reason. Id say too many years of abusing the shit out of my body is finally catching up with this old fart. Knowing Im gonna have to go in for surgery in the near future to fix all the damage ive done to my wrists with years of working on the computer, and yes, probably masterbating too.. I know you were all thinkin it... pervs. FOR SHAME.  All I know is it better knock it off soon so I can at least get a couple hours of sleep before I have to be awake to do some running around. GAH!

RUBBER DUCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now that I have got that out of my system...

If any of you have been able to read the comments a friend of mine has posted on my blog, she mentions pop caps and ceiling fans.  If you didnt get to read it, well now you have been caught up. Welcome back.

Anyways, the story behind said pop cap/ceiling fan kinda goes like this.

First off, we know we are nuts.. ya dont need to add a comment telling us so. We get it. We arent bloody normal. Anyways, one night, many moons ago, after a night much like this one (ie: NO FUCKING SLEEP), a bunch of us were sitting in my old house up on Euclid Ave (many stories may derive from this patient :P). Now in the living room there was this ceiling fan. When we get over tired, we get HYPER!!!!!!!. Well one thing leads to another, we decided to start throwing objects into the ceiling fan while it was on full speed. First it was tiny orange Kinder Surprise eggs. Man did they ever fly. Next, it was pennies. Im sure there very well may be some STILL embedded in the wall somewhere up there. Next, well, the plastic pop caps from like 2L bottles of pop and such. Those fuckers sting more then you would think when you get K.O'ed by one of those things. I think someone had a welt on their forehead for like a week. It was fun!. Many objects went into that ceiling fan over the year span we were there. Money was lost, welts and bruising was made, sadistic kitty kitty who enjoyed flying off the damn thing, only to come back and meow til we put her up there again. Ahh the memories. *produces tear*

Yeah I know, warped. But hey, when you have absolutely nothing to do in a big house at maybe 4 in the morning, with a bunch of people (uhm... intoxicating substances may have been involved as well.. dont remember for sure :( ), YOU FIND SHIT TO DO.. NO MATTER HOW DUMB IT IS.

So, to recap:
-Insomnia Sucks
-Pain Sucks more
-Ceiling fans can be fun, if they are used prope.... uhm..righ... uhm... FUCK IT! Have fun with them, just keep your damn fingers out of them.. Trust me, I know from years of experience...

Anyways all you goofy canadian buggers reading this, if I dont catch ya in the next day or two, Happy Gobble Gobble Day... as my friend Ace keenly put it on Facebook, "Gobble Til You Wobble". To those friends from across the border, seriously, Thanksgiving a month later? Are you guys on glue? hehehehe jk.....maybe! lol

All the rest of you that dont fit in any of these catagories, later dayz :D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New to this.

Hey all. Today is my first time starting up this blog. I thought I would tell you a little about it.

Here is where you will see nothing but insanity for the most part. It will be a combination of things:
-shit that run through my mind
-things that Ive seen or heard
-random shit that I, or other people have done that is so stupid it HAS to be repeated...
-any or all other things I feel like posting.

If you don't like it, don't follow me :P

Since today Im feeling overly bored (since Im currently sitting in one of the many sit-down sections of Mohawk College watching the random ass walk by. If you read this wifey, I love you :D lol) I think I will tell you about a recent moment of stupid and perhaps even a brain-melty moment.

They other day I was voluntold to make meatloaf.  Those of you who know me know I know how to cook pretty good. Above average I think. Anyways I I was being all creative and such adding spices and cheese and this and that... all with the yummy goodness.  Mixed it all up and tossed it in the oven. Time goes on not thinking about anything til its time to take the food out.  I go and check on it, its done, so I get the rest of dinner ready and whatnot.  Serve it out to the wife and I, and even offering the mother in law some. Apparently I outdid myself as I was told it was really good. GO ME!

Well, I was downstairs on my computer briefly when I heard the wife bellow for me. Here I am thinkin to myself "what the hell did I do this time?"  So I run upstairs to have her looking at her second helping of meatloaf. I was kinda offended at this point thinkin I didnt cook it all the way through or something.  Nope, not this time. A little worse then I thought.

Here she was sitting there looking at her meatloaf asking me if I was tryin to kill her or something. Me being confused looked at her food.  Now, if anyone is usually broke like us, you buy the pre-packaged tubed hamburger to save money. Y'know the metal clamps that hold the end of the tubes closed?  Yeah, there was one sitting there in the middle of her meatloaf. Somehow it got dropped into the meatloaf mixture and cooked with the rest of it. When she was eating, she found it buried inside. Luckily for me she didnt swallow it, or this post would be a little more drastic, and possibly a lot more funny LOL.

So there you have it. Quite the blunder for one of many food fuck-ups that I know will most likely end up here. For future reference:

1) If I ever cook for you, make sure to check your food for extra presents inside, kinda like a kinder egg
2) Make sure you dont piss me off prior to cooking for you. This may end up as a on purpose accident ;)
3) Meatloaf I cook is AWESOME! Full of metal-ly goodness.

Ill try to keep up with posting. With the way my mind works, who knows how long Ill be able to keep this up. Look back for more posts soon. See you soon...  I hope :)