Saturday, October 8, 2011

Because I Said So.... Pt. 1

Well here I am once again writing in my blog. Not sitting in the school right now.. oh no!.. not me. Im awake at like 4am because my insomnia has kicked in once again, as well as muscle spasms kickin me pretty damn well all night. After about an hour of TRYING to sleep, I realized how much of a feeble attempt it was... so hear I am.

What comes to my mind at this time of morning you ask. Way too much if you ask me.  If you dare read on, you will be enlightened with only a few such things... as well, I may add another humorous story. Never know.

Anyways, first things first. The insomnia is obviously on my mind. Why the hell do I keep getting this? Is it because of all those years working for MUCHmusic and being on the road til all hours of the night, only to be awake early the next morning for possibly more work? Not sure. Is it because random shit jumps into my head at obviously the most inopportune time? Could be. What ever the reason, here I sit while the wife lay behind me on the bed, out cold, probably dreaming of fluffy bulldog puppies or wild outrageous sex. Either way, hopefully shes enjoying it :P

Next on the brain agenda... WHY THE OWWIE?!  Unfortunately I know all about the reason. Id say too many years of abusing the shit out of my body is finally catching up with this old fart. Knowing Im gonna have to go in for surgery in the near future to fix all the damage ive done to my wrists with years of working on the computer, and yes, probably masterbating too.. I know you were all thinkin it... pervs. FOR SHAME.  All I know is it better knock it off soon so I can at least get a couple hours of sleep before I have to be awake to do some running around. GAH!

RUBBER DUCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now that I have got that out of my system...

If any of you have been able to read the comments a friend of mine has posted on my blog, she mentions pop caps and ceiling fans.  If you didnt get to read it, well now you have been caught up. Welcome back.

Anyways, the story behind said pop cap/ceiling fan kinda goes like this.

First off, we know we are nuts.. ya dont need to add a comment telling us so. We get it. We arent bloody normal. Anyways, one night, many moons ago, after a night much like this one (ie: NO FUCKING SLEEP), a bunch of us were sitting in my old house up on Euclid Ave (many stories may derive from this patient :P). Now in the living room there was this ceiling fan. When we get over tired, we get HYPER!!!!!!!. Well one thing leads to another, we decided to start throwing objects into the ceiling fan while it was on full speed. First it was tiny orange Kinder Surprise eggs. Man did they ever fly. Next, it was pennies. Im sure there very well may be some STILL embedded in the wall somewhere up there. Next, well, the plastic pop caps from like 2L bottles of pop and such. Those fuckers sting more then you would think when you get K.O'ed by one of those things. I think someone had a welt on their forehead for like a week. It was fun!. Many objects went into that ceiling fan over the year span we were there. Money was lost, welts and bruising was made, sadistic kitty kitty who enjoyed flying off the damn thing, only to come back and meow til we put her up there again. Ahh the memories. *produces tear*

Yeah I know, warped. But hey, when you have absolutely nothing to do in a big house at maybe 4 in the morning, with a bunch of people (uhm... intoxicating substances may have been involved as well.. dont remember for sure :( ), YOU FIND SHIT TO DO.. NO MATTER HOW DUMB IT IS.

So, to recap:
-Insomnia Sucks
-Pain Sucks more
-Ceiling fans can be fun, if they are used prope.... uhm..righ... uhm... FUCK IT! Have fun with them, just keep your damn fingers out of them.. Trust me, I know from years of experience...

Anyways all you goofy canadian buggers reading this, if I dont catch ya in the next day or two, Happy Gobble Gobble Day... as my friend Ace keenly put it on Facebook, "Gobble Til You Wobble". To those friends from across the border, seriously, Thanksgiving a month later? Are you guys on glue? hehehehe jk.....maybe! lol

All the rest of you that dont fit in any of these catagories, later dayz :D


  1. Boo! Insomnia sucks! and so does pain! Anyway, you have a good Thanksgiving too!

  2. Lmfao.... the wonderful stories of Euclid! So happy I was able to be around for those years lol You know I blame you for warping my brain at such early ages lol If it wasn't for fatman I would probably still be normal lmfao o how sad that would be lol :-)

  3. Oh how you make me laugh!!!! :)

    Insomnia?????? What's that????? hahah jk. Sorry hun that sucks!!!