Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New to this.

Hey all. Today is my first time starting up this blog. I thought I would tell you a little about it.

Here is where you will see nothing but insanity for the most part. It will be a combination of things:
-shit that run through my mind
-things that Ive seen or heard
-random shit that I, or other people have done that is so stupid it HAS to be repeated...
-any or all other things I feel like posting.

If you don't like it, don't follow me :P

Since today Im feeling overly bored (since Im currently sitting in one of the many sit-down sections of Mohawk College watching the random ass walk by. If you read this wifey, I love you :D lol) I think I will tell you about a recent moment of stupid and perhaps even a brain-melty moment.

They other day I was voluntold to make meatloaf.  Those of you who know me know I know how to cook pretty good. Above average I think. Anyways I I was being all creative and such adding spices and cheese and this and that... all with the yummy goodness.  Mixed it all up and tossed it in the oven. Time goes on not thinking about anything til its time to take the food out.  I go and check on it, its done, so I get the rest of dinner ready and whatnot.  Serve it out to the wife and I, and even offering the mother in law some. Apparently I outdid myself as I was told it was really good. GO ME!

Well, I was downstairs on my computer briefly when I heard the wife bellow for me. Here I am thinkin to myself "what the hell did I do this time?"  So I run upstairs to have her looking at her second helping of meatloaf. I was kinda offended at this point thinkin I didnt cook it all the way through or something.  Nope, not this time. A little worse then I thought.

Here she was sitting there looking at her meatloaf asking me if I was tryin to kill her or something. Me being confused looked at her food.  Now, if anyone is usually broke like us, you buy the pre-packaged tubed hamburger to save money. Y'know the metal clamps that hold the end of the tubes closed?  Yeah, there was one sitting there in the middle of her meatloaf. Somehow it got dropped into the meatloaf mixture and cooked with the rest of it. When she was eating, she found it buried inside. Luckily for me she didnt swallow it, or this post would be a little more drastic, and possibly a lot more funny LOL.

So there you have it. Quite the blunder for one of many food fuck-ups that I know will most likely end up here. For future reference:

1) If I ever cook for you, make sure to check your food for extra presents inside, kinda like a kinder egg
2) Make sure you dont piss me off prior to cooking for you. This may end up as a on purpose accident ;)
3) Meatloaf I cook is AWESOME! Full of metal-ly goodness.

Ill try to keep up with posting. With the way my mind works, who knows how long Ill be able to keep this up. Look back for more posts soon. See you soon...  I hope :)


  1. Yep lucky i caught the metal goodness, still think you are out to get me!

  2. Hey big guy! I look forward to reading many more posts! Can't wait to read more into your mind lol I've missed being around for some of those little fat man moments tee hee just not any that involved pop caps coming from the ceiling fan lol :-)

  3. Reading more into his mind?????? *runs away screaming*