Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ah crap.

Well, as some of you may know, I have been lacking in the job department as of late. Sure Ive been working with MUCHmusic, but Im not making enough to survive, let alone pay for much in the way of bills. I needed something a lil more stable; a lil more worth the money for the amount of work being done.

Well, today (well I guess yesterday now) I passed my security exam with an 84%. Passing was 62%. So, well, I guess I did what I needed to. Better then gettin by by the skin of my teeth. So all I gotta do now is get the license form filled out, paid for and sent away, and in about 3 weeks or so Ill once again be a licensed guard.

As much as I am lookin forward to workin a lil more steadily, Im not lookin forward to it just as much. Ive done security work a few times before, with at least 2 other companies in the past.  I wont lie, some of the time, it was fun, and well worth the time.. but other times, I probably could have scraped my eyeballs out with my name tag or something.

Im sure everything will work out in the end, but the boredom and constant patrols did a number on my feet and my psyche. If I had of worked there much longer, Im sure I woulda lost my mind... YES MORESO THEN NOW... SHUT UP YOU! lol

I wish I could find something in the music field that Id like and that would pay decently.. but seriously, how many people like their jobs? If you said yes, you are either in denial or lying through your teeth, or for those friends farther south of the canadian border, through your tooth.(ducks flying beer cans)

Until then, Ill sit back, do my job as best as I can, and randomly stab myself in the forehead with a frozen mackerel to ease the insanity of silence.

I really wish I had cookies right now. Shut up! Im craving sugar and yummy yummy goodness... which hopefully isnt full of metal.. boourns lol.

Dah well. Bed time.. maybe breakfast in the morning? Morning? ya right :D

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