Friday, October 21, 2011


So I sit here today, in the cafeteria at Mohawk College in Hamilton. Im waiting for the wife to do her last midterm for the week.  Well its lunchtime and the place is kinda crowded with inspiring artists, future politicians, computer techs and lawyers, and Ive come to realize one thing... I REALLY HATE MOST PEOPLE!

What can I say. I wouldnt think twice about picking up the white plastic chair that my feet are resting on and beating the living hell out of some of these people. There are a few reasons I havent:

1) Im sure jail wouldnt be pretty for me.
2) Too many witnesses
3) Bad joojoo is bad joojoo
4) Apparently society frowns on random acts of violence but worships MMA and UFC
5) Would put a damper on my upcoming weekend.

Im sure there are other reason, like possible morals or something about respect, but those are the Top 5 on my list. Man these people havent changed since I was in high school, and Im at the fucking college. They have their cliques written right from a teenie bopper novel. You have the jock style guys sittin beside me talkin about the party they plan on attending after school and drinking litres and litres of water.  Across the way from me, you have the asians.  These are the ones face first in books and laptops studying anything and everything.  At the other side of the room you have the group of young black kids chattin it up. They are too far away to hear what they are saying, but since Im great at stereotyping, one could only assume they are chattin about basketball, hoes & bitches, sticky icky and dope rides :P. Yep I know, Im a prick. Deal with it :D

Then I see a table of white girls, no doubt popular in their cliques, but secretly hate each others guts.  Ofcourse there is the quid essential larger girl in the group, just to make them feel better about themselves. Man does that ever take me back. Guess who the big kid was in the group most of his life.  Yup!

A couple extra loaners scattered around, eating by themselves trying not to be noticed for wearing the only thing that they had clean cuz they were up all night for the past few weeks studying there asses off, or because they had to live with their parents while in school because the college is just down the road and didnt wanna splurge on their freedom.

To round it all out, you have the freaks, the geeks, sheiks. Im sure the rest fit into one of those final catagories somehow.

I know. I sound like Im full of hatred and angst... but nope. This is what happens when boredom hits me, I have an outlet to vent and I dont have a package of yummy poptarts to keep me busy.  That and I cant download any music or anything cuz Im using the wife's school account to use the net.

And the clothes some of these people wear.. holy hell. Black people with bright pink shirts on, Arabs wearing toques and girls wearing clothes so tight, I cant tell were their clothes end and their skin begins. I swear, some of these girls want to be molested and gawked at, just because of some of their fashion choices. Im sorry but if you dont want a guy (or girl) staring at your tits, dont wear shirts that are made of white mesh with a tight tiny black bra under it, barely containing the girls. We men are feeble creatures. Remember, Ug Ug Fire.....we haven't evolved all that much. Trust me.

GAH! Anyways enough of that. Need to focus on something else before I facepalm myself and grab the closest student and scalp them.

So today is the day that the wife and I leave for our weekend anniversary get away. I think we chose well for this trip.  Its not secluded which we both would have liked but with restricted funds, ya gotta kinda go with what you can afford. Apparently this place as a fireplace in the room, and a jacuzzi seperate from the bathroom.  Who's got 2 thumbs and will be relaxing the next couple of days??? DIS GUY! (dont ask)

We only  have it booked for one night, but if our funds allow, we may see if we can find another room for another night since the one we have was already booked for Sat night. All we can do is hope.

But since we will be away enjoying as much relaxation as we can, both of our cell phones will be off. Only call or text if it is an emergency. We will check our phones periodically to make sure we didnt get any emergency calls.

Quick side note: Caf is finally some. Less annoyance but still more people in here for my own liking.

Well, Im kinda thirsty and I should run and grab something to drink. Subway is looking like the winner right now, since I dont wanna take my laptop with me and Subway is the only place I can see the laptop when Im at the counter.

Stay golden.

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  1. Cliques...and people wonder why I didn't want to go to college/university. *shudder*
    "Apparently society frowns on random acts of violence but worships MMA and UFC"
    Interesting. Next time we chat, debate me on this one. Honestly though, I wouldn't mind throwing some of those chumps in the Ocatagon with Wanderlei or GSP.