Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gah! Random update.

Yea yea, I know. Its been awhile since Ive written something here, but seriously, I think Im allowed to blog when I feel it time :D

Well, right now Im sitting in a very uncomfortable chair blogging from work. Im on a 12hr midnight to noon shift. How in the hell did I end up pulling something like this off? Yea I dunno either. After working at NCR in Waterloo for a few months on weekends, I was suppose to have weekends off once I left there. Well low and behold as soon as I switch to this place (sorry I cant reveal where I am working right now, incase the powers that be are watching), I get stuck on a couple weekend shifts as well as my couple days during the week. Yaay for money, but booooo for lack of sleep and a social life. I know Im not on these shifts much, but when I am, bloody hell is it ever boring. As it is, Im using the work computer to write this. Shhhhh :P

Oh, Ive also recently got the 2nd part of my carpal tunnel surgery done. My left hand is now all bandaged up and hurting like a bitch. Even the perks Ive been taking for the pain hasnt been helping lately. Luckily the bandage should come off this coming Monday (it being Saturday at 02:35). I just want the use of both my hands again. The right hand is still a little sensitive to weight from the last surgery, but Ive basically lost all the numbness I had prior to the surgery.  Thats always a bonus. Means I should be able to get sleep more now. Thats a happy ME! *dances randomly*.

Just to give you a brief weather update for Kitchener.............HOLY CHRIST ITS WINDY! *ducks flying trashcan*.

OK back.  Not a whole lot has been happening lately other then that. The wife and I have been tryin to catch up on debts and such now that Im workin more often then like once a week with MUCHmusic. Its almost like I have a steady paycheque coming in now. None of this, if I get a dance, I may have enough money to get a couple groceries or something. Now dont get me wrong. I still dont get huse amounts of money for what Im doing, but its better then what I was making before. And hey, who knows, if I actually get my weekends back, I may be able to add a couple of dances to my work list here and there when I want some extra money.  I wouldnt mind being able to work 40hrs a week with this security company, but right now I have no seniority over ANYONE in the company. Apparently Im the newbie.  If I stick with this long enough I know Ill get more work. They have got me trained to the tits right now. After the 11th of March, Ill have almost every first aid certification available... as well, I now have my CGSB (gov't training) training done so Ill be able to work in most gov't facilities if need be. (gov't usually equals more pay :D). Dah well. I guess I just need to keep truckin along.

OOOOHHHH! My loving wife got us tickets to go see John Pinette do his standup in April. This is gonna be a blast.  That man is one funny fat guy  :).  Ive grown up watching him over the years on stuff like Comedy Central and Just For Laughs and such.  I know there is a good chance Im going to piss myself laughing.  So will Jenn LoL. I hope Im able to get an autograph and/or a picture done with him. If I do, it will so be placed on Facebook, Twitter and possibly here for you all to envy me for :D heheheh.

Yaaay, 3 hours of this shift done. Only 9 more to go. *headdesk*

Im gonna be starting my writing up again shortly. I kinda have like 4 stories on the go that Id like to actually finish. Im tempted to post them here on my blog once I get them done, but not sure yet. They may not be something people wanna read. Who knows, only time will tell. I miss writing a lot. I use to do it all the time when it came to my online wrestling e-fed I was in.  Unfortunately I lost interest and willpower to keep writing when it was open. Now its closed its doors and my creative juices are starting to flow again. Unfortunately now a little too much. I cant seem to get one finished before another pops into my head. Im sure Ill figure something out and finally get them finished some day. Just probably not anytime soon.  Ill try to keep you all posted on how they are coming along.

On the health front, other than being quite sick off and on recently, I am now a part of the World Gym family. Jenn and I got me signed up not that long ago. Unfortunately do to the recent surgery, I havent been able to get in and do anything yet. Im hoping once the hand heals some, Ill be able to get in there and start doing some actual working out. Ive been losing weight a little here and a little there. I stopped drinking pop all together. Right now its either only water, or a bit of ice tea here and there. And I try to have at least one glass of milk a day.  Im also TRYING to eat healthier but I still have problems with it. I can honestly say, I like food too much, and Im pretty set in my ways when it comes to what I eat, but I AM trying.  Im hoping the gym membership will help with this weight issue.

Anyways, Ive probably rambled on incessantly for too long now. I will update again when Im able. Cheers.