Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Because I Said So.... Pt. 2

So been a bit since my last post, and well not a whole lot has been up lately, mind you Ive been thinking of random shit. I think I may share some of it with you all. Now, I will tell you in advance:  Some of this may not make any sense, but this is MY head, so any of you who know me know that well, thats normal.  If you dont like it, well as the cute lil squishy parrot doll my wife had says, Hey you, GO FUCK YOURSELF!.

Ok to begin.  Dorito's Onion Rings N' Ketchup DO NOT taste like onion rings and ketchup by any means, and yet I still buy them for the taste. Either Im tryin to trick myself into thinkin that its actually onion rings and ketchup; tryin to trick myself into thinking its healthier then real onion rings and ketchup... OR.. I just like the taste of molten garbage on a summers day.  Haven't figured out which.

Next, it was recently Hallowe'en as you all know, and I get to thinkin, why is it actually spelled Hallowe'en and now Halloween?  I know a lot will say it stands for All Hollows Eve, but where does the "en" come from?  Doesnt make sense to me, and yet I felt compelled enough to correct a friend tonight on the spelling. Not sure if Im being Hypocritical or just being an asshole. Ill let you decide, in which you can keep it to yourself :P

Still havent figured this one out either. If vegetable oil is made of vegetables, and mineral oil is made of minerals, and Sunflower oil is made from sunflowers, then what the fuck is baby oil made of?

A lot of things have been on my mind lately I guess. Money problems, work and workless weeks, health problems, stupid people doing this "Occupy 'Enter City Name Here' " stuff knowing it wont do any good, why Bazooka Joe hasnt made any funny comics in almost 60 FUCKING YEARS in production.... and a lot of other stuff.  Its tiring I tell you.  I started this blog to have a vessel to not only vent my problems and issues with society and other quirks of the world, but to strangle the life out of the urge to do actual writing again. Unfortunately the more I blog or dont blog, the urge to write grows stronger and stronger.

I use to write role plays for several online wrestling e-federations (dont judge me bitches) and that seemed to work for several years, but after probably about a decade of doing it, it lost its appeal. "Retired" from it now, I have no outlet other then this blog.  Not sure what to do next. Thought about writing some short stories but I seem to start them and never finish them. Never able to sit down night after night to add to it, and then I lose interest in them. Thought about writing a novel before... read above to see why thats never happened either.  Hell Ive even been told more then a couple times by a few different people that I should write something like an autobiography about my life. Im sorry, are you people on Acid?  I personally dont think people would be interested in my life. Its not all that interesting.  Im sure people wouldnt wanna read about my sexual escapades over the years... ok some would, but those people are a strange folk. 

So whats left? Short stories, check!  Novels, check! Autobiography, check! Poetry, checked to death! Songs, see poetry check!  Not sure how to alleviate the ache to write.  (And if anyone mentions a movie script, expect to be beaten with a frozen whale penis).

What else is on my mind? Well, Simpson's Treehouse Of Terror this year was a let down. AMC Fear Fest is even worse (Come on, you dont need to play Halloween, Halloween III and IV constantly. Most people seen it once.. FUCKING MOVE ON!

Oh, so, Ive been on these Diamicron pills for awhile now to help control my Blood Sugar and recently I found out from one of the wife's doctors that apparently these pills (Glicazide) and meds like it, dont allow you to lose weight.  So here I am, quite a large guy, tryin to lose weight and watch my food intake and all that shit, and the meds Im on hinder, if not completely fuck up that process. What kinda kick in the nuts is this? My head meds are doing the same thing. So no matter what I do, its a piss off. I get on all these meds to help me and they are doing more damage to me then anything else. I really need to see my Dr. again soon cuz this is just BEYOND rediculous.

Security license should be coming in within the next 2 weeks or so. As much as Im not looking forward to working that kinda job again, Im kinda excited about it at the same time. I need the money, and everyone knows Im not gonna make it working at MUCHmusic any more.  And hey something has to pay for my bowling and my $1000 a day crack habit. LoL. Ok maybe just the bowling, but you get the jest. :D

Im sure Ill think of other stuff to bitch about soon. I make a point of bitching as much as I can. It helps me get through the day.  Til then, keep your stick on the ice. (Goddamn Red Green! GAH!)

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  1. Okay I'm the clueless bitch and apologize for asking, but my curiosity has the better of me. Why are you trying to "strangle the life out of the urge to do actual writing again?" What do you consider to be "actual writing?"
    If it's too personal just tell me and my curiosity to fuck off.
    Aside from that, I enjoy your blog and I hope you keep it up. You've inspired me to get my ass in gear and start blogging again. :)