Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whats New

Hey all, its been awhile since Ive been able to blog.  So lets see if I can catch up on everything. Dont worry, it aint much from what I can remember :P

-So the surgery went well I guess. I have my hand back... but son of a bitch did it ever hurt. Sure even with the 6 damn freezing shots they gave me, it still hurt like a bitch. Once the freezing came out .. FUCK!!! Havent had pain like that in quite some time. Last time was probably back in 2001 when my right arm was broken in a car accident. (Yaaay, I wasnt driving in that one). So now my hand is doing better. Stitches are out; wound is healing up nice... and hey, I can dress myself again. Thats a fucking bonus.  You have no idea how embarrassing it was to have my wife have to undo my belt before I went into the washroom at the mall. Geez.

-What else? Hmm.. Oh, Christmas is coming. BAH FUCKING HUMBUG!!! The one time of the year that no matter how much money I make, I can NEVER get ahead.  Its ridiculous.  I havent spent much on gifts so far yet, and already out of money. I dont know how many people are getting gifts this year. Hell Ill be lucky to be able to get the wife anything this year, just for that very fact. How much of a piss off do you think that is? :(

-Im STILL waiting for my security guard license to come in. They sent back the application because I was missing 1 single page. So I got that page and sent everything back. Then recently they called to ask about my weight that was put on the application. SERIOUSLY??? Im gonna lie that Im as big as I say I am? Twatwaffles I tell ya. The gov't are just a bunch of fucking mooks. GAH!

-Hmm, had a decent time when I was in Peterborough last, other then having to work twice :P. Got to hang out with a couple friends I hadnt seen in awhile. I enjoy hanging out with Pete, cuz well its Pete. He's a nutbar. Its great knowing Im not the only one :P.  Also got to hang out with my friend Mandy and play pool the same night. Of course I won at pool again. Is there any doubt? Hahahaha. I know she's gonna win at some point but its fun watching her try to beat me and missing out, even by one ball. hehehe I know, Im an asshole, but hey, Im not letting anyone win. How will they ever learn? LoL.   Next time Im in town, Im hoping to see my buddy Justin and his woman, and maybe even my darlin Drusilla and her hubby.  Been too long since Ive seen them too. Living farther away from everyone makes it so difficult to see everyone all at once.

-OH! Jenns surgery is just around the corner. She got her surgery date back I think last month sometime, and its coming up in like 9 days. Barreling down on us real fast. Im startin to get a little nervous now. I know i have no reason to be, but I cant help it.  Anytime someone close to me goes into surgery, it worries me. Ive seen people go in and never come out.  I know that medical advancements have cut those numbers drastically, but in my mind, anything could go wrong. Im not wishing anything on her, and I dont wanna "jinx" her, but it kinda scares me. I guess time will tell soon enough.

I guess thats about it for now. I know, not really exciting but not much other then my surgery has happened lately. I hope to get some more blogs up soon on stuff much more interesting..... I hope!!!!

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